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When an arrestee "Fails To Appear" for court as mandated, an Arrest Warrant is issued by the court. The person is then classified as a "Skip", or "Absconder". If the Skip was on a Surety Bond, the Bonding Agency is then notified of a Bond Forfeiture. The Surety then has between 10 days and 180 days (varies per jurisdiction) to re-arrest said Skip or pay the court the designated Bail Fee, (Face Value of the Bond). That's when a Bounty Hunter is summoned.

Most Bonding Agencies do the vast majority of their own Bounty Hunting. Most states today require that Bounty Hunters either be Licensed Bail Agents, Private Investigators or have sufficient training and/or be licensed to Bounty Hunt.   Bounty Hunters have the latitude to use any means necessary to bring back a Skip.


Nationwide Authority to Arrest
Taylor vs. Taintor, 83 US 386 Conn 1873 USSC

Bondsmen are sureties for the defendant and may personally or through an agent, arrest the defendant (Fugitive) to surrender him to jail.  The surety and/or agent may pursue the defendant into another state, arrest him on the Sabbath, and if necessary, may break and enter his house without a search warrant for that purpose.  The arrest is likened to the re-arrest by the Sheriff of an escaping prisoner.  The surety and/or agent have the right to return the defendant back into custody without having an "arrest warrant".  The defendant gave consent for the arrest when he signed the bond agreement or jail release.  The arrest is a continuance of the original imprisonment.

Kansas Wide Authority to Arrest
K.S.A. 22-2809

Any person who is released on an "Appearance Bond" may be arrested by his surety or any person authorized by such surety and delivered to a custodial officer of the court in any county in KANSAS, in which he is charged and brought before any magistrate having power to commit for the crime charged; and at the request of the surety, the magistrate shall commit the party so arrested and endorse on the bond, or a certified copy thereof.  This arrest discharges/releases the surety from said bond.  The defendant shall once again be held in custody until released as provided by law.

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